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June 14, 2012

Thursday   |   9:00am to 5:45pm ET

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One Hour 15 Minutes

Talking Technology to Lawyers

Attend this session to understand how the most successful technology leaders communicate with lawyers about technology strategy. Hear how to shift from talking about functionality to talking about benefits.

Moderator: Speakers:      
Gina Buser

Gina Buser,
CEO & Co-Founder,
Traveling Coaches

Dave Bustle

Dave Bustle,
Director of IT,
Buchalter Nemer

Frank Gillman

Frank Gillman,
Chief Technology Officer,
Allen Matkins Leck Gamble & Mallory LLP

Steven Shock

Steven Shock,
Chief Technology Officer,
Irell & Manella LLP

Rebecca Sattin

Rebecca Sattin,
Information Systems Manager,
Mitchell Silbergerg & Knupp LLP

One Hour eDiscovery: Collection Best Practices

Sponsored by

80% of the risk in electronic discovery is in the Collection and Preservation stage. The majority of the major spoliation and sanction cases deal with organizations that failed to take the proper steps to ensure proper collections—this is something that can be avoided.  However, proper collection requires proactive and persistent action on the part of organizations and having the right team in place.

In this webinar, Daniel Lim, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Guidance Software, will give you a better understanding of the overall collection and preservation process and best practices to help you increase efficiencies and minimize the risks associated with collections.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to develop a plan that ensures efficiency and minimizes risk
  • Strategies for Search and Preservation
  • Important Preservation Obligations

Bryant Bell

Bryant Bell,
Sr. Product Marketing Manager - eDiscovery,
Guidance Software

Daniel Lim

Daniel Lim
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel,
Guidance Software

One Hour

Top Reasons Organizations Move to an On-Demand eDiscovery Service

Sponsored by

Law firms must be prepared to handle any situation that a client, judge or opposing council throws in its path. That sometimes means being flexible enough to adapt quickly when case circumstances dictate a change of course. During the eDiscovery process, it is important for firms to achieve speed and accuracy of review, while containing costs. But ever-present factors such as skyrocketing data volumes, shrinking budgets, and tight timelines, can make eDiscovery challenging—especially as firms handle multiple cases with limited resources or when a complex case requires additional focus.

In this webinar,  Adam Sand, Associate General Counsel at and Nick Patience, Director of Product Marketing & Strategy at Recommind will discuss how a hosted eDiscovery solution can help firms stay on track and improve accuracy when they encounter a hurdle, whether it be a glitch in the human review process, last-minute inclusion of new data, or a shortened deadline.

Nick Patience

Nick Patience,
Director of Product Marketing & Strategy, Recommind, Inc.

Adam Sand

Adam Sand,
Associate General Counsel,

One Hour eDiscovery in the 21st Century

Sponsored by

General Counsel and their CIO counterparts are focused on risk and growth. They are driven to protect and enable their organizations. Experts from the bench, bar and business community agree, computer assisted discovery methods are essential to enable case analysis as well as risk and cost management.  Electronic discovery is a key target and they are rethinking it as a unified business process rather than a series of ad hoc, disconnected and expensive tasks. This has led to the use of computer assisted discovery tools that understand the meaning of data - email, documents, and even audio files - to systematically reduce risk and streamline operations. The improved results extend to relationships with outside counsel and efforts to increase review accuracy and efficiency.

In this webcast noted industry thought leaders will examine Meaning-based Computer Assisted Discovery practices and a real-life use case, and identify critical technology building blocks including:

  • How Meaning Based Coding greatly simplifies Early Case Assessment and Review while increasing accuracy over traditional approaches
  • How a Meaning Based Governance platform can unify and organize data to accelerate eDiscovery
  • How a unified legal repository enables attorneys to securely reuse work-product across matters
Deborah Baron

Deborah Baron,
Vice President, Legal & Compliance Solutions, Autonomy, Inc.

Daniel Garrie

Daniel Garrie, Esq.
General Counsel,
Law & Forensics LLC

One Hour

Privacy – Social Media, Internet & BYOD

The Internet has transformed the practice of law, but few lawyers understand how privacy laws impact them and their clients. This presentation will highlight specific ethical considerations for the practice of law regarding attorney-client privilege.  All clients and lawyers rely on Social Media as a means of sharing information and communicating, but with little consideration of the privacy laws.  Today’s label to describe employees use of their personal cell phones, tablets, and laptops is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Since employees conduct company business on these personal devices with little concern for legal implications BYOD is fraught with a myriad of complex legal issues, including attorney-client privilege.

Peter S. Vogel

Peter S. Vogel,
Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP
Adjunct Professor of Law,
SMU Dedman School of Law, Dallas

One Hour

Finding the Needle in the Electronic Haystack: Benefits and Drawbacks of Various Search Methodologies to Locate ESI

In searching for electronically stored information (“ESI”) that is relevant to litigation, lawyers have traditionally employed keyword searches to assist them in finding relevant electronic data. According to a leading study, attorneys uncovered only 20 person of relevant evidence using keyword searches. Human review can uncover up to 60 percent of relevant evidence at best. Keyword searches and human review are the traditional methods used by the legal profession to locate ESI. Human review is incredibly expensive on large data sets while keyword searches leave evidence undiscovered. In light of some of the risks of keyword searches, lawyers need to be aware of some of the new types of methodologies that could assist them in locating relevant ESI.

During this presentation, attendees will learn about the various methods for finding electronic discovery (i.e. keyword searches, human review and technology assisted searches), the benefits and drawbacks of each approach, when each approach should be used, and the quality control process. The utilization of new methodologies, in combination with keyword searches and active lawyer insight and supervision of a case, can help mitigate against the risks of solely relying on keyword searches to find the needle in the electronic haystack.

Rebecca Shwayri

Rebecca Shwayri,
Cartlon Fields

One Hour Getting the Most Out of Your Rule 26(f) Meet & Confer

Federal Rule of Procedure 26(f) directs parties to meet and confer to discuss eDiscovery and data preservation and to develop a "discovery plan." But to what extent are parties engaging in "drive by" 26(f) meetings and not discussing - or resolving - eDiscovery issues, as originally envisioned by the drafters of the Rule?

In this session, we will discuss the results of a recent Federal Judicial Center Survey of nearly 10,000 attorneys regarding the efficacy of the 26(f) conference ( ) and suggest ways that parties can prepare for and get the most out of a Rule 26(f) meet & confer.

Christopher Boehning

H. Christopher Boehning,
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP

Ross Gotler

Ross Gotler,
Practice Support & eDiscovery Counsel,
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP

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