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June 20, 2013

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15 minutes

Monica Bay on Current Trends

Start off your Virtual LegalTech day with a discussion from Monica Bay, Editor-in-Chief of Law Technology News, on the biggest trends happening in legal technology today, and the hottest topics on the minds of lawyers, IT leaders, and legal support professionals.

Monica Bay

Monica Bay, 
Law Technology News

One hour

Information Superiority – Helping your Company Make Superior Use of Information

On February 12, 2013, President Obama issued an Executive Order focused on improving cybersecurity by improving information sharing and thus creating a framework to reduce cyber risk. As the threats continue to grow, and the chances of governmental action increase what steps companies can take to get ahead of the cybersecurity framework, and also reduce their cybersecurity risk? In these times of doing more with less, using Information Superiority to focus security efforts offers many companies a path forward to address cyber concerns.

Information Superiority is a Department of Defense doctrine that is defines as "A relative state achieved when a competitive advantage is derived from the ability to exploit an "Information Advantage". This doctrine can help companies facilitate executive decision-making by getting the right information, to the right executives, at the right time, which will help companies increase revenues, reduce costs, optimize risk, mitigate brand damage, and reduce cyber and industrial espionage risk.

Andrew B. Serwin is a partner in the Global Privacy and Data Security Practice Group at Morrison & Foerster LLP’s San Diego and Washington, D.C. offices. Mr. Serwin also serves as CEO and Executive Director for The Lares Institute, a think tank that conducts independent research and releases policy proposals focused on technology, privacy and information governance, as well as issues impacting economic growth in the Southern California region.

Please join us as Mr. Serwin discusses the timely and essential need for increased information management for increased security.

Andrew B. Serwin

Andrew B. Serwin,
Partner, Global Privacy and Data Security Practice Group,
Morrison & Foerster LLP

One Hour

Cisco and eBook Code of Conduct: A Discussion with Monica Bay

When it comes to technologically advanced companies, Cisco leads the world. When their legal and compliance departments focus on technology, the results are incredible. Please join us as Joel Mark, Manager, Ethics Office and Jeremy Wilson, Controller, Ethics Office, at Cisco sit down with Monica Bay, Editor-in-chief at LTN, for an open discussion on how Cisco is using technology better in-house and how you can do the same. Robust ethics and compliance communication and training is a must have to ensure compliance with Chapter Eight of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The most recent guidelines from the DOJ on FCPA compliance specifically speak about sham programs and programs that fail to influence corporate cultures. Cisco's unique approach and offerings specifically address these issues. Cisco, who just won LTN's Most Innovative Use of Technology in a Corporation, recently has created an eBook Code of Conduct. Mr. Mark and Mr. Wilson discuss will best practices in legal training. They will also cover imbedding technology into legal documents and training; tailoring governance documents and learning tools to your audience and how to turn static documents into dynamic decision making tools that get results and empower employees to conduct business ethically. Ms. Bay will guide the conversation to ensure that attendees are getting their concerns addressed and answered.

Joel Mark

Joel Mark,
Manager, Ethics Office,

Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy Wilson,
Controller, Ethics Office,

Monica Bay

Monica Bay,
Law Technology News

One Hour

Risk and Reward in the Cloud: Case Law and Cost Savings

Sponsored by

As more organizations opt for cloud-based solutions to lower costs or meet stringent privacy and security requirements, questions on collection, legal jurisdiction, and privacy are beginning to arise.  This webinar explores emerging case law around the cloud and covers topics such as data ownership, multi-tenanted environments, and cross-border litigation.   You’ll further learn how cloud computing can provide new levels of security, collaboration, agility, speed, and cost savings, while defensibly enforcing comprehensive eDiscovery.

Eric T. Crespolini

Eric T. Crespolini. Esq.,
HP Autonomy

Kenneth N. Rashbaum

Kenneth N. Rashbaum, Esq.,
Rashbaum Associates, LLC

One Hour

Predictive Coding and the Return on Investment of Advanced Review Strategies in eDiscovery

Sponsored by

In a time when your company is faced with tremendous challenges when it comes to responding to discovery requests, subpoena requests, and governmental inquiries finding the right technology solution is critical.  Equally critical, is finding a solution that provides a significant return on investment to make sure you can get buy in from the C suite.  In this session, we will explore how companies are leveraging advanced review strategies to reduce outside attorney time (and fees) associated with discovery obligations.  We will also examine how these same technologies provide higher quality results compared to traditional techniques used in document review.  Throughout our discussion we will demonstrate the savings achieved by using these advanced techniques and explain how they kept the litigation on time and under budget.

Drew Lewis

Drew Lewis,
 eDiscovery Counsel,

One Hour

The Mobile Law Practice: Finding a Middle Ground between Security and Accessibility

Sponsored by

Mobile tools and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs can increase efficiency and morale in your firm, but your legal and ethical obligations to protect client information must remain paramount. With the proliferation of mobile device use, this issue touches every attorney and client daily. Join us to learn how law firms are addressing the security risks that come with BYOD while still taking full advantage of today's mobile tools.

Cameron Jahn

Cameron Jahn,
Product Marketing Manager,
Citrix ShareFile

Peter S. Vogel

Peter S. Vogel,
Trial Partner, 
Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP
and Adjunct Professor,
SMU Dedman School of Law

One Hour

Raising the Bar on Technological Competence - the Outside Counsel Tech Audit

Technological incompetence is endemic to the legal profession; and the quantity of resources wasted on busywork is shameful. D. Casey Flaherty, Corporate Counsel at Kia Motors America, has developed a countermeasure, an audit to assess the technology skills of his outside counsel. And Mr. Flaherty is working to make the audit accessible, automated, and free for his fellow in-house counsel. Very soon, his audit will be coming to a law firm near you. 

Mr. Flaherty himself has audited nine large law firms. All nine firms have failed – some more miserably than others. Of the failed firms, some simply did not secure business from Kia Motors America. Others secured business but had to accept an across-the-board rate cut – on top of already discounted rates – that will be restored if/when they pass a subsequent audit. 

Mr. Flaherty's audit is an instrument for holding outside counsel accountable for their failure to satisfy their professional duty of competence as it extends to technology. The audit was born of fear — fear of wasting company money on low value-added work. The results thus far justify that fear. But the audit is primarily an idealistic enterprise. The audit manifests the modest ambition of raising the threshold of technological competence throughout the legal industry. The ultimate objective of the audit is its own obsolescence.

Please join us as Mr. Flaherty discusses his 'revolutionary' insight that lawyers are responsible for being able to efficiently and effectively use the ubiquitous technological tools at their disposal. No matter what portion of the industry you represent, the environment in which you and your organization operate is about to change.

D. Casey Flaherty

D. Casey Flaherty,
Corporate Counsel,
Kia Motors America

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