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September 26, 2013

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15 Minutes

Current Trends Outlook

Start off your Virtual LegalTech day with a discussion from Monica Bay, Editor-in-Chief of Law Technology News, on the biggest trends happening in legal technology today, and the hottest topics on the minds of lawyers, IT leaders, and legal support professionals.

Monica Bay

Monica Bay,
Law Technology News

One Hour

Ethics for Lawyers in a World of the Internet, Social Media, & e-Evidence

As use of social media, smart phones and tablets, and cloud computing have exploded in the last few years, coupled with a constantly evolving internet, the legal implications of these technologies has likewise expanded.  In this presentation Professor Peter Vogel will highlight specific ethical considerations such as jury selection, judicial rules, attorney client privilege, among others, as well as challenges in ESI collection from third party web-based services.


Peter S. Vogel, Partner,
Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP
And Adjunct Professor of Law,
SMU Dedman School of Law, Dallas

One Hour

How to Protect and Enhance Your Clients and Customers when Dealing with the News Media

When a reporter calls you or your client, looking for comment on a trial or seeking expert analysis of a breaking story, you need to act quickly, yet carefully – not only to protect but also to enhance both your client's and your own interests.

  • Should you speak on or off the record?
  • Interrupt a meeting for a reporter's call?
  • Complain about errors in print?

In the fast-paced world of sound bites and quick quotations, dealing with the news media can be overwhelming and unnerving. It's natural to feel intimidated by a reporter's call, but if you understand how the news process works, you can better respond to the inquiries.

Monica Bay

Monica Bay,
Law Technology News

One Hour

Evolving eDiscovery Workflows for the Future


The increasing volume and complexity of data involved in eDiscovery are making it harder for law firms and litigation support vendors to deliver timely, error-free services while still maintaining profitability. Legal service providers are increasingly facing pressure to complete larger volumes of work, faster – but achieving accurate, timely and defensible results requires a high level of technical skill and legal knowledge to prevent errors and rework. This session will examine two case studies of legal service providers that completed workflow and automation projects which resulted in lower costs of eDiscovery, reduced risk of errors, shared work across teams and offices; and made the output more defensible. The panel of ediscovery experts will examine the processes these firms went through, the benefits they achieved and the lessons they learned along the way.

Chris Dahl

Christopher B. Dahl, Esq.,
Senior Director of Solutions and Technology, Lighthouse eDiscovery

Richard Vestuto

Richard G. Vestuto,
Deloitte Discovery and Dispute Services

Joe Utsler

Joe Utsler,
Director of Product Marketing,

One Hour

Law Firm Security: Minding the Gaps


With public warnings from the FBI and increasing media coverage as a result, it should come as no surprise to listeners that cyber criminals have law firms squarely in their sights.  Frequently referred to as 'soft targets', firm network vulnerabilities expose their clients and the firms themselves to data theft, leakage, spoliation, and host of unseen dangers.  Our panel of experts will discuss what, specifically, the soft spots are and how firms can begin to repair themselves.

Jeremy Coons,
Senior Manager of Cyber Security Services,
Gail Gottehrer, Esq.,
Partner, Axinn,
Veltrop & Harkrider LLP
Rich Hoffman,
Assistant Vice President – Forensics,

One Hour

Is Reactive Governance Exploding your eDiscovery Costs?


Information is doubling every 12-18 months.  Companies without a data governance strategy and technology in place spend 33% more on eDiscovery than their peers.   Join this webinar to learn best practices in proactive information governance to streamline legal holds, early case assessment, investigation, review and production that enable you to achieve downstream time and cost savings.  You’ll learn strategies to:

  • Easily access and control all relevant and worthwhile enterprise content
  • Automatically pre-classify content based on human understanding
  • Efficiently preserve and collect content for the legal hold process
  • Apply uniform and consistent document retention, declaration and destruction
  • Place documents under centralized control where ever and how ever it is currently managed
Barclay Blair

Barclay Blair,

Chris Surdak

Chris Surdak,
HP Autonomy

One Hour

Worried About a Regulatory Inquiry? Be Prepared for the Feds


According to Fulbright’s recently published Litigation Trends Survey, over the past three years:

  • 37% of all companies surveyed reported an increase in external regulatory inquiries
  • More than one-third of respondents reported spending more time addressing regulatory investigative requests or regulatory enforcement proceedings
  • Highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, energy, and finance are especially vulnerable to these regulatory demands.

Regulatory inquiries whether from the DOJ the SEC or another federal agency require e-discovery workflows similar to civil litigation but are far more burdensome on your organization. Regulatory investigations are not governed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which means there is no “meet and confer,” there is no limit on the scope of discovery, and the timelines may be compressed. And of upmost concern for GCs is the risks of regulatory investigations are incredibly high.

Join our panel of in-house counsel and experienced e-discovery litigators as they examine how and why corporations need to be prepared for regulatory investigations. Topics to be discussed include:

  •   The importance of establishing company-wide policies for e-discovery and preservation that observes department and employee compliance
  •  Establishing a comprehensive knowledge of the data sources, custodians, storage locations, file types and data volumes of relevant ESI related to regulatory compliance
  •  Deploying e-discovery technology to quickly build the data map, enforce preservation obligations and provide both IT and legal team’s visibility into the entire discovery process.
Bryant Bell

Bryant Bell
Senior Counsel,
Guidance Software

Siddartha Rao

Siddartha Rao
Assistant General Counsel,
Guidance Software

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