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December 15, 2011

Thursday   |   9:00am to 5:30pm ET

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One hour Social Media eDiscovery: Process & Technology

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Social media as evidence is now relevant to just about all forms of litigation in both civil and criminal cases. Since 2010, social media has played a critical role in 675 cases with published decisions reflecting such involvement and in presumably tens of thousands more cases not involving published decisions. As these numbers rapidly increase as social media networks grow even more popular, how are you dealing with these issues?

Join us to hear case laws involving social media evidence and how to prepare for the challenges ahead. Also hear from litigation support expert, Don Swanson of Five Star Legal and Compliance Systems, Inc., on best practices and new technologies currently available to help overcome these challenges.  In this Webinar, you will:
  • Hear experts in ediscovery address social media and the law
  • Understand social media's scope and relevance to nearly all types of litigation matters
  • Learn about proper processes and procedures for the collection, search, analysis, review and production of social media evidence
John Patzakis John Patzakis,
President & CEO, X1 Discovery
Don Swanson Don Swanson,
President, Five Star Legal and Compliance Systems, Inc.

One hour Privacy in the Workplace 

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In an age of constant connectivity – juggling mountains of personal and work email; mobile access to countless applications; rampant blogging and online networking – is there any such thing as true workplace privacy? Does our pervasive use of technology for all things personal and professional lull employees into a false sense of ownership over electronic communications? 

This presentation addresses the current state of privacy law as it pertains to data viewed or created at work.  Explore the fundamentals of protected workplace privacy, including a comparative analysis of the treatment of employee information in the United Kingdom. Learn the ethics of monitoring communication in addition to collecting and producing electronically stored information in the work environment – both in the United States and abroad – and what both the employer and employee can do to balance and protect personal and corporate interests.

Kate Pashin Kate Pashin,
Associate General Counsel, AccessData
Heidi Watson Heidi Watson,
Senior Associate, London, Clyde & Co.

One hour

Cloud and eDiscovery: Game-Changer?

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The landscape of today’s eDiscovery market is more complex than ever before. With FRCP compliance raising the stakes around the processing of ESI, client data growing in size and diversity, multi-party litigation becoming the standard and the number of multi-lingual cases escalating, the challenges facing today’s law firms and in-house legal teams continue to evolve day by day. At the same time, organizations are looking to reduce data sets and costs associated with slow collection, over-collection, review of non-relevant documents and manual coding, while dealing with a variety of formats, including audio, video and social media content.

Fortunately, secure, cloud-based technology and services are emerging as the trusted choice to help address the challenges of complex litigation.  Organizations are now able to meet the most complex requirements, while ensuring defensibility and auditability.

Join us to examine key eDiscovery issues in the context of the emerging world of cloud computing, including how to:
  • Use the cloud to effectively manage, control, analyze, preserve and discover enterprise content
  • Spend less time on document management and more time analyzing relevant evidence and building a case strategy
  • Streamline management of ESI from opposing counsel
Eric Crespolini Eric Crespolini,
Vice President, eDiscovery Technologies, Autonomy
Preston K. Rattliff Preston K. Rattliff, II,
Partner, Paul Hastings

One hour

The Consumerization of IT: The Next Challenge for eDiscovery

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Gone are the days when discovery was limited to war rooms and warehouses of records storage boxes. Gone even are the days when discovery was found on server farms and data warehouses. Today’s discovery is found on devices we carry with us, and the risk we carry with them is significantly higher. Modern mobile devices have more memory than most hard drives did even five years ago, and smartphones have access to cloud storage for even more avenues for discovery. Finally, the prevalent practice of using personal devices for business purposes, and having those devices fully supported by Corporate IT, completes the risk trifecta.

Hear eDiscovery and risk mitigation experts talk about the intersection between mobile computing and eDiscovery, and how companies and firms can begin to address the business and legal issues brought about by the widespread use of mobile devices.

Bennett Borden Bennett Borden,
Partner, Williams Mullen
Howard Sklar Howard Sklar,
Senior Counsel, Recommind

One hour

The Changing Face of Legal Ethics in a Technology World

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Technology has changed the way law is practiced. Traditional standards of legal competency under the model rules are undergoing review by bar associations and courts. No longer is it sufficient to be knowledgeable about just the law, lawyers must have a minimum knowledge of how technology impacts practice especially in trial applications.
The seminar discusses and compares the fundamental ethical obligations of competency under Model Rule 1.1 as clients, lawyers and the courts change from paper based systems to computer based systems. Minimum levels of knowledge to be considered competent are explored.

The Ethical obligations under Model Rule 3.4 Fairness To Opposing Party And Counsel is explored in the context of electronic discovery practice and court imposed obligations under the rules of civil procedure with an emphasis on the federal rules and case law.

Thomas F. Goldman Thomas F. Goldman,
JD, Professor and Author of Technology in the Law Office
Jeffrey J. Segarra Jeffrey J. Segarra,
Director, Imaging Product Management, Nuance Communications Inc.

One hour

Inbound M&A in India: Opportunities and Challenges

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With a robust economy largely unaffected by the worldwide downturn of the past several years, India presents many opportunities for global companies looking to establish a presence there. In fact, India has had the highest number of private equity backed M&A deals in the region this year. Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • The current regulatory landscape in India
  • Access to funding
  • Opportunities for U.S. investors
  • Improvements in corporate governance
Mohit Saraf Mohit Saraf,
Senior Partner, Luthra & Luthra Law Offices
Sanjay Bhatnagar Sanjay Bhatnagar,
President, Water Health Inc.
John Monsky John Monsky,
General Counsel, Oak Hill Capital
Gaurav Verma Gaurav Verma,
Director, Manhattan India Investment Roundtable, U.S.-India Business Council

One hour

Helping Corporate Legal Departments Demonstrate Value Back to the Organization

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94% of in-house counsel feels pressure to demonstrate value back to the organization. Whether it’s reducing third-party costs, weighing the risks of settling vs. litigation, or accurately forecasting an eDiscovery budget, there are in-house technology solutions that can help. This session will discuss the available technologies for archive, search, review and deduplication and how they show value to the enterprise.
Simon Taylor Simon Taylor,
Senior Director of Information Management, Commvault
David Yerich David Yerich,
Director, eDiscovery, UHG Legal Department, United Health Group

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